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JMM Europe offers the following liability covers.  We differentiate ourselves by building your liability package specific to your needs, on an industry, sector and trade specific basis.

Employers Liability Insurance

Covers claims from employees, contractors, casual or temporary staff arising from accidents or injuries while at work. Our cover includes terrorism, asbestos and offshore risks.

Public Liability Insurance

Protects your business against claims made by third parties such as your client(s), or member(s) of the public, for injury or property damage caused by your company, employees or subcontractors.

Product Liability Insurance

If you manufacture or supply goods, or you utilise products supplied by others as part of your business, we protect you from the possibility of damage being caused to a third party, exposing your business to third party claims.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Protects your business against third party damage claims caused by cyber attack, breaching data protection regulation, loss of third party data, and/or reputational damage, among others. Businesses are increasingly buying specialised cyber insurance policies to supplement their existing insurance arrangements, particularly if they:

  • hold sensitive customer details such as names ad addresses or banking information;
  • rely heavily on IT systems and websites to conduct their business;
  • process payment card information as a matter of course

Standard cover is third party cover only, but we offer first party cover, i.e. to protect you against your financial loss after suffering a cyber attack.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Covers against third party claims for negligence, and errors and omissions of medical personnel, including medical practitioners, agency supplied nurses, locums, carers and other medical staff, and of course for surgeries, clinics, hospitals, medical staff and other medical institutions.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

PI cover is a vital consideration for all businesses. There is always a possibility of damage being caused to a third party by the services you provide, including advice or guidance which they have relied upon which exposes your business to third party claims.