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JMM Europe offers the following liability covers. We differentiate ourselves by building your liability package specific to your needs, on an industry, sector and trade specific basis.

Cancellation & Abandonment

This is a comprehensive insurance for cancellation, postponement, curtailment and abandonment of outdoor and indoor events. Where requested, the cover can include relocation or rescheduling costs.

Contractual Bonus Insurance

This insurance protects the financial risks associated with bonus payments paid to sports associations, teams and players. Sports associations and clubs will often have performance bonus incentives built into team and player contracts, where bonuses are paid according to results. Sponsors of sports associations, clubs and players may also offer additional bonus payments for achieving a level of success.

Death & Disgrace Insurance

This insurance covers exposure to financial loss and reputational damage involving your brand ambassadors, (typically well-known celebrities) from the sports and entertainment industries.

Event Liability

This is a standalone, specific cover for an event with a defined (and often, short) timeframe. We regularly provide cover for events with large numbers of attendees such as concerts and festivals. This cover can be extended to include Employers Liability Insurance covering volunteers, trainees, and supplied personnel who are involved in the running of the event.

Non Appearance for Performers & Guest Speakers

This insurance protects those with a financial interest in the appearance of any key person(s) such as entertainers, dignitaries, performers, artists and public speakers to many types of events. Cover can include protection for costs and expenses incurred, or even loss of revenue or profit, following the non-appearance of key persons due to unforeseen circumstances.

Over Redemption

This enables companies to fix the budget for a promotion and remove the risk of a large outlay if redemption related to a promotion exceeds expectations. It is commonly used by retailers, advertising agencies and brand managers to reduce the financial risk of running a marketing or sales promotion.

Prize Indemnity

This insurance allows the promoter to pay a premium to insure against the prize being won. Instead of having to keep large cash reserves and liability on your balance sheet, this insurance is designed for promotions in which participants are offered the chance to win a prize.